2009 Resolutions Adopted

Resolution 2009-1.pdf Acceptance of grant funds
Resolution 2009-2.pdf NOPEC resolution
Resolution 2009-3.pdf ODOT road salt purchase
Resolution 2009-4.pdf Identity theft
Resolution 2009-4 Exhibit.pdf Identity Thefty Policy
Resolution 2009-5.pdf Compensatory Time
Resolution 2009-6.pdf EMS levy renewal
Resolution 2009-7.pdf Tax levy renewal question submission
Resolution 2009-8.pdf Capital Improvement appropriations
Resolution 2009-9.pdf 2010 Budget
Resolution 2009-10.pdf Grant application and acceptance
Resolution 2009-11.pdf Ratifying grant application and acceptance
Resolution 2009-12.pdf Website authorization for GovOffice
Resolution 2009-12 Exhibit B.pdf GovOffice agreement
Resolution 2009-13.pdf Dispatching with Mantua
Resolution 2009-13 Exhibit A.pdf Agreement with Mantua for dispatching
Resolution 2009-14.pdf Enumerated transfers
Resolution 2009-16 Exhibit A.pdf Life Force Contract
Resolution 2009-16.pdf Agreement with Life Force
Resolution 2009-17.pdf Income tax software purchase agreement
Resolution 2009-17 Exhibit A.pdf Contract for Municipal Income Tax Software
Resolution 2009-18.pdf Certifying tax levy
Resolution 2009-19.pdf Acceptance of Grant Funds
Resolution 2009-20.pdf Allocation of funds for Capital Improvement
Resolution 2009-21.pdf AMATS grant capital improvement fund created
Resolution 2009-22.pdf CDBG grant fund created
Resolution 2009-23.pdf Donation of Elmer Jagow Play Park equipment
Resolution 2009-24.pdf Declaring Hiram Elementery a public nuisance
Resolution 2009-25.pdf Cancel agreement with USA mobility for pagers
Resolution 2009-26.pdf Acknowledging error in water/sewer billing
Resolution 2009-27.pdf Appropriations changed ratified for Street Dept
Resolution 2009-28.pdf ODOT final resolution for St. Rt. 305 curb & gutters
Resolution 2009-29.pdf Transfer of funds