Village Solicitor

Summary of Services

The Village Solicitor is the Chief Legal Officer of the Village. The responsibilities of the Village Solicitor are to provide legal advice to the Village Council, the Mayor, Village Department Heads, and to the Village's various commissions and committees. The Village Solicitor also provides written and verbal legal opinions on a wide variety of municipal legal matters, including but not limited to legislation, tax, assessment, labor, collections, public works projects and contracts, and the acquisition, sale, and use of Village property. He drafts and reviews resolutions, ordinances, contracts, and other legal documents to protect the Village's interests as it conducts business.

As the Chief Legal Officer of the Village, the Village Solicitor is principally responsible for the representation of the Village in all litigation, either individually or through oversight of Special Counsel retained by the Village. The Village Solicitor serves as the prosecutor of violations charged under Village ordinances. This prosecution includes Village of Hiram traffic citations, municipal criminal code violations, and insufficient fund check violations. The Village Solicitor defends the Village and its officers if sued and brings and litigates lawsuits on the Village's behalf.

While some activities of the Village Solicitor directly affect the public, most Solicitor activities involve advice to the Village officials. The role of the Village Solicitor does not include providing advice to members of the public or to village citizens regarding the various rights individuals enjoy as members of the community.